Custom fonts transform branding authenticity

into a cutting-edge business advantage.

Fontfabric custom font design allows world-class brands to fine-tune typographic parameters, adapt character composition, tweak OpenType features and much more. Join our proven record of award-winning font style modifications and have professional font designers craft your distinctive brand personality.

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Customized Fonts in Design:

Silverstone Text Family

The motorsport icon of Britain—Silverstone Circuit—emerges with a new custom typeface system as part of a pivotal rebrand.

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Panton Extended

Leading Polish pharmaceutical company Polpharma enters international markets with expanded language support of Panton. Our partnership resulted in the successful localization of various scripts, helping over 400 million packages of life-saving solutions reach people in 60 countries yearly.

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Intro Script Customized

Lipton Ice Teas, a delight for millions in over 110 countries, embody their love for all-natural products with a customized type font design—Intro Script.

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Localized advertising campaigns

Telenor Bulgaria transforms the telecommunications sector with the help of fully localized fonts and custom Cyrillic typography, bringing back human interaction to the forefront with a beautiful customized font style.

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Brand Consultation & DiscoveryProduction Strategy & PlanningType Design & IdeationFont SketchesFont Tests & RefinementGlyph Correction & OptimizationVisualizations & ScenariosProgramming Glyphs & PairsExtended Character SetsOngoing Support & DocumentationFinal TouchesCustom Fonts in Design

Brand Consultation & Discovery

At Fontfabric, we kick-off font customization with thorough discovery and discussions to frame your exact needs, branding goals and typography problems you aim to solve. You take part in all phases to assist type designers with your opinion.

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Font Production Strategy & Planning

Following project scope and objectives, Fontfabric submerges in custom typeface design specifications and business use cases of your custom fonts to understand, plan and attune font style production to your specific requirements and brand.

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Type Design & Ideation

Fontfabric type experts explore font style directions, glyph modifications and nuances of brand perception to balance and individualize your custom type.

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Font Sketches

Glyph sketches, tracing, distortion, correction, refinement, recap. Font designers rough out and adjust letters, explore design possibilities of scale, proportion, weight and width, to make typography magic and the perfect glyph. Fontfabric tailors typeface modification and calibrates customized type.

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Font Tests & Refinement

Scale, stretch, skew, and squish graphemes to refine characters, symbols and harmony in text. Fontfabric polishes font mechanics, smoothes curves, straightens lines and fine-tunes letter spacing to make your font and brand unique.

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Glyph Correction & Optimization

Font scale, proportion, weight of letters and Fontfabric typography magic shape your perfect glyphs. Vector digitalization of font style letters explores design possibilities and performance.

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Visualizations & Scenarios

To bring your customized font to life, Fontfabric type designers play out branding scenarios and context so you can glimpse into custom typeface potential.

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Programming Glyphs & Pairs

Professional typeface programming by Fontfabric kicks in to ensure smooth symbol and characters replacement, combinations and pairs with original or customized glyphs.

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Extended Character Sets

To best tailor your typeface, Fontfabric type designers add stylistic sets, custom ligatures, and extended character sets to font styles exactly where you need it.

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Ongoing Support & Documentation

Trust Fontfabric for technical documentation, ongoing maintenance, typeface quality and functionality to guarantee you frictionless usage long after your customized font is complete.

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Final Touches

Fontfabric wraps font customization with a detailed brand book and presentation of corporal typography elements, specific technical requirements, and clear instructions on typeface implementation.

—As experts in typography services, we design custom-made typefaces to enhance visual communication, inflict typographic impact and define consistent brand appearance. And if you already have any of our retail fonts in mind, Fontfabric can modify up to a cost-effective solution that captures the essence of your brand, the way you want it.